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OBAKU ARK Lille Gold Mesh Bracelet V240LXGWMG
-14 %
Brand: OBAKU
Designed by our chief designer Christian Mikkelsen, Ark Lille Gold is just 4,9 mm slim. That is as slim as two one Euro coins put together. Uniform in its expression, delightful in size and high-quality in its build. The gold plated 32 mm stainless steel timepiece also features sapphire crystal for ..
180.00€ 209.00€
Brand: OBAKU
Blomme Walnut is an extravagant dark-coated timepiece that is accompanied by the tint of rose gold. The colour choices make it both feminine and elegant. Blomme Walnut features a brown-coated stainless steel mesh bracelet along with a rose gold-coated steel case. The brown dial with rose gold-colour..
165.00€ 179.00€
OBAKU Flod Coal Black Leather Strap V182GMVWRB OBAKU Flod Coal Black Leather Strap V182GMVWRB
-14 %
Brand: OBAKU
The Flod Coal is an elegant watch for men that features a smooth black calf leather strap, a rose gold coated steel case and a white ceramic dial and a multi-functional movement with a single Arabic figure as a discreet but noticeable detail. Our Danish designed timepiece by Christian Mikkelsen will..
180.00€ 209.00€
OBAKU Hassel Lille Smokey Grey Stainless Steel Bracelet V219LXUUMU
-15 %
Brand: OBAKU
Understated simplicity is key in the Hassel Lille series. Fun fact, did you know ‘lille’ means small in Danish. This petit trendsetter has a smaller dial - only 32mm - than its larger sibling Hassel. Nonetheless, size doesn’t matter as our watch designer Lau Lingård Ruge put the same effort and qual..
160.00€ 189.00€
Brand: OBAKU
Designed by Christian Mikkelsen, one of Denmark’s leading watch designers, Kvadrat Rose is an ultra-thin timepiece that’s not afraid to show it’s curves. Only 4.9 mm thin, this square is more than meets the eye. Made from high grade surgical stainless steel and sapphire crystal it is a joy to wear a..
190.00€ 209.00€
OBAKU Lun Steel Swarovski Silver Stainless Steel Bracelet V158LECIMC
-33 %
Brand: OBAKU
The Lun Steel is a timeless Danish designed timepiece for the woman who adores a simple design with sparkling details. The shiny steel case surrounds a white dial, that is complemented by a stainless steel mesh bracelet and beautifully detailed locks with Swarovski crystals embedded - making it a si..
120.00€ 179.00€
OBAKU Lun Swarovski Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bracelet V158LEVWMV
-40 %
Brand: OBAKU
The Lun Rose watch is a beautiful jewelry inspired timepiece with many feminine details made by designer Christian Mikkelsen. The bracelet is made from rose gold coated stainless steel and has a rose gold coated steel case that surrounds a white mother of pearl dial and spectacular locks with Swarov..
120.00€ 199.00€
OBAKU Lykke Gold Swarovski Crystals V207LEGIMG
-10 %
Brand: OBAKU
Christian Mikkelsen, our chief watch designer, stands behind this timeless watch piece. It features a gold-coated surgical stainless steel case and mesh bracelet. An elegant row of Swarovski crystals pride the long curved lugs of Lykke Gold. Due to the ingenuity of organic design, Lykke Gold will fi..
180.00€ 199.00€
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